1. Guidelines for Union known as all India Life Insurance Employees Association
2. All life insurance employees employed in Lucknow division are entitled to avail the membership of LIEA
3. All temporary / badli / full time / part time / contractual employees can avail the membership of all India Life Insurance Employees Association by filling up their forms and paying membership fees as decided and revised from time to time in the Annual General Meeting the membership will consist of members from Divisional Office branches satellite offices many offices and all subsidiaries of Life Insurance Corporation of India situated in the jurisdictional territory of Lucknow division.
4. The executive body will consist of President, Vice president, General Secretary, four joint secretaries, two outstation joint secretaries, convener of ladies cell, treasurer, joint treasurer, cultural secretary.
5. The office bearers can hold the same position as a office bearer for consecutive two terms only. There after they have to relinquish the position. However they can take up any different position of office bearer as decided in the house after completion of their two terms. Further provided that they may again be elected to any previous position after they have served in the other position for at least one
6. Any member of all India Life Insurance Employees Association of Lucknow unit can participate in the elections to the executive Council provided he has paid the membership fees for the current year. He should be present in the house. If he is unable to be present in the house, he can send his vote in writing on a pre validated ballot paper which he can obtain from the election council on a payment of Rs.25/- towards postage charges. The ballot paper will be sent by speed post/ courier at least 7 days in advance on the address mentioned while remitting the postal charges. It can be collected free of cost from the election council.
7. All eligible members of the Life union can participate in the elections to the divisional council provided the have not been penalized for any financial irregularities. However where such penalty/ proceedings have been initiated for financial irregularities, but not finalized, the member may participate in the election process but if the judgment comes against him, he shall be bound to quit
from the post of divisional council immediately. He may not remain in the post during his appeal to an appellate authority or in a court of law. Further provided that he can participate in the election process if he is exonerated of the financial charges. This rule will not be applicable where the member has been chargesheeted or penalized for trade union activities or for any action performed in the furtherance of the Union’s cause or for any disobedience or disciplinary action by the management as a retaliatory step towards actions performed by the member for a cause related to industrial dispute or employer- employee or employer- employee dispute. This clause will also not apply to employees who have been charge-sheeted in due discharge of their official duty for any oversight, acting in good faith.The intention of the employee for the charge in question will be of paramount importance while deciding his candidature.
8. A council of a maximum 5 members but not less than 3 members will be elected/formed at least 45 days before the due date of Annual General Meeting. The zonal secretary will be the chairman of this election council. The other members shall be from the division and will be elected/ nominated in the quarterly working committee meeting prior to the AGM.
9. The election council shall be responsible for the smooth conduct of the elections to the divisional council and shall make all necessary arrangements for the same with the help of the divisional council. The decision of the election council shall be final and binding on all the participants to the divisional council. The election council shall take a decision either unanimously or in majority.
10. The members will have to vote in the prescribed ballot paper.
11. Only secret ballot will be allowed.
12. In case there is only one candidate, for any post, the election council shall declare him elected if satisfied. However such a candidate should be present in the house at the time of such declaration.
13. All members will have to inform the election council at least 33 days prior to the actual date of AGM but not prior to 40 days of the AGM, of their intent to participate in the divisional council elections. They will be allowed to withdraw their names till 7 days prior to the date of AGM. In case the date of AGM is
preponed / postponed for any unforeseen reason, the first notice served by the member to the election council shall be valid for all subsequently decided dates.
14. Provided that the election council will be empowered to allow any member to participate in the divisional council elections even if he has failed to present his candidature as prescribed in 13 above.If he presents his credentials with valid reasons to be recorded in writing, for delay, he may be allowed to participate in the elections by the election council. Such a candidate may present his credentials to the election council upto one day prior to the date of AGM. The election council shall record its decision in writing and if there is any difference of opinion amongst the members of the council it shall be duly recorded.
15. The divisional council will hold a quarterly working committee.
16. The working committee will consist of the Zonal Unit, Divisional council, Unit representatives, and nominated members, maximum of five. The nominated members if any, shall be announced at least 7 days prior to the date of Quarterly working committee.Each unit can send two representatives to the working committee.
17. If any post in the divisional council falls vacant due to any reason what so ever, it will be filled in the next working committee from amongst the working committee members. However the post of President, vice- President and Divisional secretary shall be filled up only from among the divisional council office bearers.
18. Till the selection of a new office bearer, the work of the office bearer who has exited the divisional council will be looked after by the office bearer equal to or immediately higher to him in hierarchy.
19. All policy decisions shall be taken in council meeting and majority decision shall be implemented without deviations.
20. Minutes of all meetings shall be maintained and available to members for scrutiny at lunch hours each working day at the association office.
21. Books of account shall be maintained and available for inspection at the association’s office.
22. The association’s AGM shall be held at least once a year but within 13 months of the last AGM. The elections to the Divisional Council shall be held every two years, positively within 25 months of last Elections.
23. In case of failure to hold the AGM and Bi-annual Conference as stipulated above, the President and General secretary shall be rendered ineligible to participate in the elections for one term immediately following the due Elections.
24. In addition to the Divisional Council to be elected as above there shall be a advisory committee consisting of 3-5 members, which shall advise the divisional committee where any matter is referred to it by the DC. Such advice tendered shall be advisory in nature. However it is further provided that the Council can take suo-moto cognizance of matters related to organization or referred to it by a petition from the members signed by at least 30 members or one third of the total membership whichever is more.
25. An account of the association will be opened in a nationalized or scheduled bank and all sums of money collected as membership fees, donations, contribution, interests or other incomes shall be deposited in such account. The signatories to the account shall be President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Joint treasurer. The account shall be operated by the signatures of the President or General Secretary AND treasurer or joint treasurer.
26. An amount of Rs. 5000/- can be retained as cash in hand for petty and day to
day expenses.